ceilidh forever

Afterall, we had the christmas warmup by the ceilidh dance.
It was messy on ticket, but ariel got to come, it was so nice. when i introduce them to each other, one is my old love, one is my new honey, and they are both from jiangxi, which i forgot to mention to them.
met a lot new kucco old kucco, we were having big fun and the pics took the memory for us.
ceilidh is a good way to meet and know about friends, that’s why i love it; also it is good way to exerise, i don’t like disco so much although it is exciting exerise too.
the dance finished at 12. i arrived home at aboout 1 after walking home with point and hua. and then i transfer, resize and upload pics. i went to bed after 3. my alarm was up at 7:30, and i made it 8:00, then 8:10, then… got to run… when i arrived classroom i was still early. i was still thinking of ceilidh and talking about it.
so this was the last ceilidh of 2005.
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5 Responses to ceilidh forever

  1. xin says:

    i don\’t know what to say, because i am so moved……….

  2. wei says:

    it doesn\’t feel so nice to be \’old\’ love (crying)

  3. christina says:

    oh, come on, sunshine,u r in my heart, always here, not old, just as long as it is…i must be doubt at the love trend…

  4. yi says:


  5. christina says:

    ellie, what\’s that mean? can not logon your space now..

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