Exam is coming

it has been a while since last time update my space, meanwhile, i had a busy christmas and happy new year. now i have moved to new house which is near to school and warm enough. big news is i bough a desktop and printer, which make me so excited. but i am getting old. i didnot feel any sparkling about the christmas. although the hogomony night i had a over night celebration which started from my finish work to george square, silver night club, and my home. it was last party before huiyu back to china, and jingzi was leaving as well, she is enjoying her time in London now. we finished a bottle port, it was cool, did not get drunk or tired as that nigh. but we were so enjoyed.
now exam is coming, which i hate so much. i am taking a break during my preparation. god bless me, let me pass safely… amen..
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3 Responses to Exam is coming

  1. cheniao says:


  2. christina says:

    u need a dictionary lah其实我都不知道自己在胡言乱语什么,写得乱七八糟。谢谢你,保佑我考好吧。

  3. Nockie says:

    me too. I hate exam….

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