Football of Dalian …WE lost today. Hope we can win at home..

daban (japan) 3 VS shide(china)0…we will beat them next round..
 but we have unbreakable record..
last year got 8th championship.
Seven China Jia A Championships won by Dalian
 BY  2004-03-24 16:31:24

The Chinese Professional Soccer League (CPSL) was established in 1994. Under the direct supervision of the Chinese Football Association’s (CFA) Professional League Committee, this nationw

ide league is divided into Divisions 1 and 2. Division 1 is subdivided into Divisions 1A and 1B. In Chinese they are called Jia A and Jia B, Jia being the Chinese word for top or first.

Division 2 is subdivided into regional divisions. In general the season begins in March of each year and runs until October or November. Besides the top-level league competitions there is also a cup competition: the China FA Cup.

In the decade of Jia A’s history, Dalian football won seven Championships, they are:

2002 Dalian Shide

2001 Dalian Shide

2000 Dalian Shide

1998 Dalian Wanda

1997 Dalian Wanda

1996 Dalian Wanda

1994 Dalian Wanda

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